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Creativity, Compassion, and Collective Good = Nick Jankel's We Create

Nick Jankel is the founder of the cutting-edge futures firm, WeCreate Worldwide: www.wecreateworldwide.com.

Focused on designing, building, and supporting ethical, social, and sustainable projects at the vital intersection between creativity, compassion, and the collective good—Jankel is a globally renowned expert on innovation, leadership, and collaboration, he focuses on enhancing the capabilities we all need to thrive in the 21st century as individuals and organizations.

His background is impressive, indeed. Jankel was a Young Enterprise winner at 15, a science teacher in rural Africa at 19, a prize-winning medic and philosopher by 21, and the boss of a global strategy and innovation consultancy that helped launch Xbox and develop BBC’s “Dancing with Stars” by the age of 25.

By age 31 he had shifted away from “business as usual” to focus his energies, talents, and tools on projects with a purpose beyond profit. Since then he has received funding from the European Union, BBC, and NESTA for his social innovations as well as supported thousands of ethical innovators—from governments and multinationals to micro-entrepreneurs in slums—to create and maximize their impact and returns through insight, innovation, and illumination.

“WeCreate is an ethical venture that consults in the UK and across the globe with orgs like Oxfam, NHS, Local Government Association, BBC, and various national governments,” explains Janekl, who’s firm runs ethical and creative leadership development programs with companies ranging from Nike to Novartis, and designs and delivers training programs, toolkits, and multiplatform content that helps people discover their potential to create positive change.

In this podcast interview:

  • Jankel tells us what WeCreate has done to inspire employees at companies ranging from Disney to Diageo and from Microsoft to Wal-Mart.
  • He shares the secrets of how to create ethical and creative leadership development programs—and why it’s critical to a company’s survival.
  • He talks about the essential place women have in the future of business.
  • And much more!

Don’t miss it! Download our podcast interview, at right.

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