Art 101: My Life As An Artist

June 1episode

Meet Robert Meganck—AKA: The delightfully fuzzy-headed raconteur

Matthew Porter of Communication Arts Magazine has called Robert Meganck “a delightfully fuzzy-headed raconteur.”

Style Weekly named him one of Richmond’s top 25 most influential artists in September 2007.

And those are just a few of the accolades that the art world has bestowed on one of their most beloved.

So we are thrilled to have had the chance to sit down with Meganck, a professor of illustration, graphic design and digital imaging, who is also chair of the Department of Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University.

In our podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why Meganck knew he had to have a career in the illustration business.
  • What attracts art directors to him—including US News and World Report and Governing magazine, to Newsweek and the Society of News Design’s Quarterly Journal.
  • How his style evolved over the years—especially his switch to digital.
  • How he got into teaching?
  • The most important lesson he has shared with his students.

Listen to our podcast with Robert Meganck, by clicking download at right.

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