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June 5episode

BeGood Clothing: Change your clothes. Change the world.

From modern classics to items that are great for gifting, BeGood Clothing on Union Street in San Francisco will have you responsibly dressed from beanie to socks.

Every item purchased donates back, which is still a somewhat novel concept in the world of retail, explain say founders Dean Ramadan and Mark Spera.

“We started BeGood Clothing because of our fascination with sustainability in fashion,” says Spera. “Our buyers seek fashionable and contemporary lines that are affordably priced so that we can make sustainability accessible to our customers.”

Eco-friendly and buy-one-give-one clothing is no longer limited to Toms Shoes and hippie clothing, Ramadan adds, noting: “You can make an impact on the lives of others while also buying the latest fashions. You can help continue this shopping revolution by making your purchases count. After all, you are what you wear.”

We traveled to San Francisco to interview these two entrepreneurs to learn more about their exciting business.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • What their corporate philosophy truly means: “Change your clothes. Change the world.”
  • BeGood’s perspective on social responsibility and sustainability.
  • What the difference is between the way women business owners are treated in your industry compared to male business owners.
  • What Ramadan and Spera wish they you knew before you opened BeGood.
  • Whether BeGood vendors and customers are familiar with and supportive of the “buy-one, give-one” concept, or if it’s a hard sell.
  • And more!

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