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July 2episode

"Top Dog" co-author Po Bronson dives into the science of winning and losing

Bestselling author Po Bronson is author of six books including his latest “Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing,” which he co-authored with fellow bestselling author Ashley Merryman.

Their first book, “NurtureShock, upends what you might think of as good parenting. In this new book, the authors touch on an equally sensitive nerve—the science of competition.

Chock full of prodigious research and keen analysis, they answer questions including: What are the differences between a winning and losing performance? Why are we able to rise to the challenge one day, but wilt from it the next? And most importantly, perhaps, they help readers determine if they can, in fact, become better competitors.

So we are thrilled to be having lunch and an interview today on Fisherman’s Wharf at the waterfront restaurant Lolli’s Castagnola with Po Bronson in his hometown city of San Francisco.

In this podcast interview:

  • We learned what inspired Po and Ashley to write “Top Dog.”
  • How the used cutting-edge science to tease out the hidden factors at the core of every great triumph, and every great failure.
  • Why the home field advantage in sports is just as relevant in diplomacy and deal making.
  • Why women are better at judging risk, which men are better at ignoring it (which reminds me of Louann Lofton’s book, Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl—and why you should, too).
  • How you can identify your own competitive style in hopes of tipping the odds in our favor.

Learn how you can master the science of winning:

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