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July 6episode

Reading Partners CEO Michael Lombardo Helps Kids Master the Fundamentals

Reading Partners is a national nonprofit organization that provides volunteer-led, one-on-one literacy tutoring to more than 5,500 elementary school students in 103 schools in low-income communities across six states and the District of Columbia.

It delivers a highly effective, research-validated program that has helped thousands of children master the fundamental reading skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.

We are here today in Oakland, CA with the organization’s CEO, Michael Lombardo, to learn more about this exciting initiative, and how across the country, more and more leaders are recognizing how critically important it is for children to master reading in elementary school.

In this podcast interview we learn:

  • The history, goals and mission of Reading Partners.
  • How the program works—and how you can volunteer to help one of the nation’s children reading below grade level.
  • Why so many kids struggle to learn to read.
  • Whether things are looking up!

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And for more information about Reading Partners’ DC Chapter, click here to read an article by Lisa Lazarus, Regional Executive Director of the MidAtlantic.

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