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Investigating the Future of Creativity with Yvette Montero Salvatico

JANUARY 14, 2013


Our spotlight is on: Futurist Yvette Montero Salvatico.

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Our hot topic: The future of creativity

Your host: Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher of Be Inkandescent magazine, and founder & president of_ The Inkandescent Group, LLC

Futurist Yvette Montero Salvatico is the former head of the Future Workforce Insights division at The Walt Disney Company. There, she led the effort to establish an internal area of strategic foresight expertise, dedicated to identifying future workforce trends and assessing their potential impact on human capital strategies.

In 2011, she joined futurist Frank Spencer, as a principal at Kedge, a foresight and futures, innovation, creativity, and strategic design consultancy.

Salvatico is an experienced speaker, addressing large audiences on topics such as business policy, diversity, and foresight. “In the 21st Century world of complex ideas and practices, successful leaders, businesses, and entrepreneurs must learn to adapt, be resilient and flexible, and create transformational strategy,” she says.

In this episode of the Inkandescent Radio Show, Yvette shares insights into:

  • How corporate leaders can better tap into their creativity.
  • The future of talent and learning in the workplace.
  • Her keynote speeches, and what she hopes audiences will take away.
  • Her experience at Disney included creating and leading its “Workforce of the Future initiative.”
  • How and why she became a futurist.

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• Click here to read Yvette’s article, The Future Is Not A Footnote.

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