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Sonja K Gives Shows Us the Ease of Having a Great Hair Day at Blo San Francisco

Sonja Kristiansen’s love story with the hair salon Blo began in her hometown of Vancouver. No one else could tame her thick Scandinavian mane.

In 2012, the 20something (aka, “Blonde, James Blonde”), put down the puck at her marketing position with the Vancouver Canucks to take over Blo Union Street in San Francisco with her sister, Merete.

When not in-bar and spreading good hair around San Francisco, Sonja hearts weekend getaways and sipping vino.

Sonja’s mantra: Good hair cures everything. We couldn’t agree more.

While being “smart and sexy” is the mantra at the Inkandescent Group, we know the value of looking our best. That’s why it was a pleasure to find Blo when were in the City by the Bay this spring. Sonja and her team worked their magic—and in turn we wanted to spread the word about the great style they are sharing with the world.

In this podcast interview we learn:

  • About BLO—how Sonja and her sister Merete came to be the owners.
  • Their big ambitions of their franchise.
  • Their big hair successes to date.
  • The competition. Blow dry bars are pretty popular—especially in San Francisco. Sonja gives us the skinny on why should women come to Blo vs. other shops? And, why not just go to your own stylist?

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Click here to learn more about Blo in our interview with Sonja in the July 2013 issue of Be Inkandescent magazine.

Make an appointment for your next Blo out in San Francisco at Sonja’s website:

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