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Are You Ready to Develop Your Global Mindset? Author Jennie Walker Leads the Way

What does it take to successfully work in the global marketplace?

In this podcast interview, we get the inside scoop from our August 2013 Truly Amazing Woman Jennie Walker, director of Global Learning at Thunderbird School of Management’s Najafi Global Mindset Institute.

In her new book, “Developing Your Global Mindset,” which she wrote with world-renowned globalization expert Mansour Javidan, the authors take us through the Nine Steps to Creating a Global Mindset.

Scroll down to learn more about those mission-critical steps that could mean the difference between your international business success—and failure.

Download our podcast interview now to learn:

  • Why it’s important to develop a global mindset.
  • What inspired Jennie and Mansour to write the book.
  • The three most important things you need to do to be effective in the global marketplace.
  • And how Jennie went from journalist to being the director of global learning at Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Najafi Global Mindset Institute.

That’s not all! And on August 1, be sure to check out the new cover story of Be Inkandescent magazine, featuring Mansour Javidan and Jennie Walker’s book, Developing Your Global Mindset.

Nine Steps to Creating a Global Mindset


1. Build Your Global Business Savvy

Have knowledge of:
• Your industry from a global perspective
• Global competitive business and marketing strategies
• Ways to transact business and assess risks of doing business internationally
• Supplier options in other parts of the world

2. Take a Cosmopolitan Outlook

Develop your knowledge of:
• Cultures in different parts of the world
• The geography, history, and the important business, political, and pop culture icons in several countries
• Economic and political issues, concerns, and hot topics of major regions around the world
• Important world events—past and present

3. Expand Your Cognitive Complexity

Increase your ability to:
• Quickly grasp complex concepts
• Analyze and problem-solve
• Understand abstract ideas
• Take complex issues and explain the main points simply and understandably


4. Have a Passion for Diversity

Expand your enjoyment of:
• Exploring other parts of the world
• Getting to know people from other parts of the world
• Living in another country
• Traveling

5. Explore Your Quest for Adventure

Develop an interest in:
• Dealing with challenging situations
• Taking risk
• Testing your abilities
• Dealing with unpredictable situations

6. Redefine Self-Assurance

Assess which, and how much, of these qualities you possess:
• Self-assurance
• Self-confidence
• Comfort with uncomfortable situations
• Wit in tough situations


7. Embrace Intercultural Empathy

Assess your ability to:
• Work well with people from other parts of the world
• Understand nonverbal expressions of people from other cultures
• Emotionally connect with people from other cultures
• Engage people from other parts of the world to work together

8. Increase Your Interpersonal Impact

Develop your ability to:
• Negotiate contracts and agreements in other cultures
• Create strong networks with people from other cultures, and with influential people
• Define your reputation as a leader

9. Improve Your Diplomatic Skills

Determine the level of your ability to:
• Start a conversation with a stranger
• Integrate diverse perspectives into your worldview
• Listen to what others have to say
• Collaborate

And that’s just a taste of what is explained in depth in this 648-page book.

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