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Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand: Mother-daughter team Amanda Antico + Kylee Majkowski are training the entrepreneurs of the future

Do you have a budding entrepreneur in the house?

The founders of Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand (TLS) think you do — and their community of little ladies and mini men promote and instill the spirit of entrepreneurship for girls and boys in America.

“We empower them at an early age to become confident, self-reliant and capable individuals,” explains Amanda Antico, an entrepreneur herself, who saw a spark in her daughter Kylee — and was determined to keep it alive.

“Our focus is to instill the joys of being creative, taking a risk and finding a passion for children ages 7-11 (2nd-4th graders).

Kylee, she realized in 2011, was like many other modern kids in America: smart, playful and enthusiastic.

“Modern day Lemonade Makers envision a better world and believe themselves to be key players in making that change take place through entrepreneurship. Our mission is to nurture and protect that belief at the earliest age possible.”

“Plus, it’s really fun and we learn a ton,” insists Kylee, 9, who in addition to thinking through the aspects of running a business, has also learned quite a bit about teamwork, compromise, leadership, marketing — and what makes a product (such as a sugar cookie shaped like a cat) something people don’t just want to try, they want to buy.

So it was a pleasure to sit down with Amanda and Kylee, now 9, in their dining room in Northern VA to learn more about TLS.

In this podcast interview you’ll learn:

  • How TLS makes the experience of learning about entrepreneurship fun.
  • How its curriculum provides a blended learning environment where students learn concepts, create new businesses and interact with established entrepreneurs from a variety of industries.
  • Why they consider themselves “the scouts for the new economy — and we make the cookies ourselves.”

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Kylee co-founded lLifte at the age of 7 and is now the the founder of Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand, lLifte’s first project.

She is now in 3rd Grade and loves to sing, play piano, dance, and be sassy.

Kylee is also a fashionista who loves to travel and relax on the beach with a good book.

She deeply believes that thinking out of the box will help her and her friends build the life they want.


Amanda is herself an entrepreneur. Passionate about encouraging social entrepreneurship, Amanda is particularly interested in educating the next generation to build stronger and more sustainable communities.

Amanda earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Psychology from George Washington University, a Master’s degree in Organizational Learning from George Mason University, and a doctorate from George Washington University.

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