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Tap Into Your Inner Goddess with Mexican Artist Andrea Arroyo

Fine artist Andrea Arroyo immigrated to New York from Mexico in the early 1980s to study in the professional program of avant-garde choreographer Merce Cunningham. She danced professionally for years, then transitioned to the visual arts. She became a star there, too. In fact, President Bill Clinton selected her to create the award bestowed in 2011 on recipients of The Clinton Global Citizen Awards™.

Those are just some of the many accomplishments achieved by this talented woman who brings attention to issues of gender justice and discrimination.

Today, we are here in New York City looking at her current exhibit at the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial Center on Broadway.

In this podcast interview you’ll learn:

  • About the Goddess show that’s currently featured on the walls of Malcolm X Center — the place where Malcolm X was shot — and why having the show here is so important to her
  • How she got into the fine arts business after starting her career in Mexico as a dancer
  • Andrea’s fascination with the female form — and why it spurred her quest to research women’s images and their stories
  • Her prolific career, which includes studio work, public art, and commissions, which total 31 individual and more than 100 group exhibits in such prestigious collections as The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institution, and The National Museum of Mexican Art
  • What it was like to work on President Clinton’s Global Citizen Awards
  • What’s left on her wish list

Download the podcast interview now!

To learn more about Andrea Arroyo, don’t miss her Q&A with illustrator and designer Michael Gibbs in Be Inkandescent magazine.

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