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David Bruce Smith's Grateful American™™™ Series Will Restore Enthusiasm in American History

Welcome to author and publisher David Bruce Smith’s new show: The Grateful American™ Series.

This interactive, multi-media program is designed to restore enthusiasm in American history for children — and grown ups, too!

The series will include:

  • The Grateful American Radio Show on the Inkandescent Radio Network featuring interviews about historical figures (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc.) with the chief executives of the nation’s presidential homes, historians, and other experts.
  • A TV series on YouTube, public access, and national TV stations.
  • Grateful American™ Guidebooks: Featuring insights from the leaders of the presidential homes, interactive exercises that explore, engage, and help readers develop an interest for American history.
  • Grateful American Events: Dovetailing with and promoting the events-in-progress currently going on at each of the nation’s top presidential homes.
  • An interactive website: Here students will post art, photos, writing, music, and other creative works that share their ideas about what excites them about American history.

In the monthly podcast radio show you’ll learn:

  • What the leaders of the presidential homes are doing to get kids, and adults, excited about American history.
  • What turned them on to history as kids.
  • The impact that their president made on America — and why kids should think that’s cool!
  • The events that are happening at each presidential home for kids and adults to enjoy.
  • And much more!

Don’t miss a single monthly episode.

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