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What's Journalist Meg Cox Advice on Getting in the News?

Journalist and author Meg Cox has been earning her living as a writer since graduating from Northwestern University in 1975. She was hired as a staff writer by the Wall Street Journal in 1977, at age 24, and worked at the WSJ in Chicago and New York for 17 years.

Her beats included financial futures, agriculture, the business of the arts, and publishing.

Since the birth of her son, Max, in 1994, Meg has written for many national magazines — including Allure, American Patchwork & Quilting, Child, Cooking Light, the Daily Beast, Family Fun, Working Mother, and Worth — lectured, and taught all over the country. She’s also authored five books.

What advice does she have for you about getting in the news?

“Know when man bites dog,” says the woman who has contributed hundreds of front-page stories and was lauded for her feature writing.

“Two things would grab my attention when I was bombarded with pitches at the WSJ—the unexpected ‘man bites dog’ story, and a truly fresh trend,” shares Cox. For more details, stay tuned or our interview in PR Rules: The Playbook.

But first, download our podcast with Cox, where you’ll learn:

  • What made her want to be a journalist?
  • What was her big hairy dream about being a reporter? Did it come true?
  • What was her favorite story that you covered? Is there are story you covered that she wishes that she could forget?
  • With journalism as a career path changing, how has she morphed with the times?
  • What is the best tip she has to help entrepreneurs get into the news?

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