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Beyond the Duel: Step Inside Alexander Hamilton’s NYC Home, The Grange

On this episode of David Bruce Smith’s Grateful American™ Series, you’ll head inside the home of founding father Alexander Hamilton.

The Hamilton Grange National Memorial is a National Park Service site in upper New York City. And to talk about the home, Hamilton, and the impact he made on American history is Liam Strain — who currently serves as District Ranger for a collection of individually legislated units of the National Park System that also includes Grant’s Tomb and Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace N. Memorial.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • About the life of Hamilton — chief of staff to George Washington, and an influential promoter of the Constitution. He was also the Secretary of the Treasury.
  • How he came to own the Grange — and why it was moved twice before landing in its current location.
  • What else makes this place so interesting — especially for kids?
  • Hamilton is also infamous for the duel he had with Aaron Burr on July 11, 1804. Why is it that everybody remembers that incident, and virtually none of Hamilton’s other accomplishments?
  • And don’t miss the three fascinating facts about Alexander Hamilton that you can talk about with your kids tonight at dinner.

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