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April 8episode

Clea Newman is Keeping Alive Her Father's Magic at SeriousFun

We are here today with Clea Newman in Westport, CT. She is the Senior Director of External Affairs with the SeriousFun Children’s Network. Clea also serves as a spokesperson for the organization helping to elevate awareness of the brand and advance the legacy of her father and SeriousFun founder Paul Newman.

“Before my dad died, he asked me to carry on his legacy with this organization,” says Clea of the growing global community of independently managed and financed camps and partnership programs that have come together with a common purpose — to serve children with serious illnesses around the world, free of charge.

With 30 initiatives worldwide, including 14 full member camps, 13 Global Partnership Programs, and 3 new camps in development, the network serves more than 440,000 children and families from over 50 countries.

Clea is also building a Legacy Giving Program and an International Board of Governors chaired by her mother, Joanne Woodward.

In this podcast interview — the woman with the same penetrating blue eyes as her dad Paul, and the engaging good looks of her famous actress mom Joanne Woodward — shares:

  • Why she joined SeriousFun in January 2013 to work as part of the Advancement team to raise money to support SeriousFun camps and programs around the world.
  • About the Legacy Giving Program she’s helping with, chaired by Joanne Woodward.
  • SeriousFun’s fundraiser on April 2 honors Tim Rose, which includes a musical performance by celebs Tony Bennett and Sara Bareilles.
  • Insights into her dad’s legacy, and why he decided to start the program back in 1988.
  • Clea’s hopes and dreams for the future of the Network.

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