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July 3episode

Corporate Exec Ana Dutra Helps Us Define "Act 2" of Our Lives + Careers

What happens when you are so successful in your business that you have all the financial security you worked so hard for — and now, anything is blooming possible?

“The answer may be harder to come up with than you think,” admits Ana Dutra, 50, the former CEO of Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting, where she created a $300 million global business before retiring last year. “Now, I have so many options — I need to step back and assess where I want to go. Yes, it’s a great problem to have. But still, it’s a challenge.”

Dutra calls it “The Second Act Dilemma.” So how do you deal with it? In this podcast interview we dive into the topic, including:

  • What is the essence of the Dilemma?
  • Is there a way around it?
  • Do people struggling with this realize how lucky they are to have such a problem?
  • When faced with this challenge, what can leaders do to get to the other side?
  • And what it means to be a truly great leader — in a corporation, and in your life.

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