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October 3episode

Edemir Rossi on: The Art of Meditation

When it comes to tapping into your intuition, it’s helpful to have tools that enable you to go deeper into the practice, knows Edemir Rossi, a Brazilian who for decades has been teaching what he calls “practical spirituality.”

“It opens the soul and reconnect us to our own unique center and purpose,” believes Rossi, who has studied Zen Buddhism, the energetic healing arts, Shamanism, and neuroscience, as well as the Eastern and Western philosophies of meditation.

“I use my education and abilities to help open individual and group spiritual consciousness,” he says from his office in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC. “My goal is to help each person I work with to more fully be in tune with guidance from their Higher Self.”

So we sat down with Edemir to find out more about how he helps others tap into their intuition.

In this podcast interview, Edemir explains:

  • What is intuition, and how does Edemir define it?
  • How do you know when your intuition is kicking in? Is there something that goes off in your mind or in your guts?
  • How can someone tap into his or her intuition on a more regular basis?
  • More about Edemir, and when he realized had had an intuitive gift and that you could help people?

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And read more of our Q&A with Edemir in the October 2014 issue of Be Inkandescent magazine.

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