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Doug Bradburn Sheds Light on the Man Behind the Myth of George Washington

Doug Bradburn is the founding director of Mount Vernon’s Fred W. Smith National Library.

In this episode of the Grateful American™ Radio Show, co-hosts David Bruce Smith and Hope Katz Gibbs interview the specialist on George Washington, who provides insights in the man behind the myth.

Before coming to run the library at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Doug was a professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the History Department at Binghamton University. He taught college-level classes at a variety of institutions, held two yearlong fellowships, earned a PhD in History from the University of Chicago, and got his BA in History and Economics from the University of Virginia.

He is also a specialist in the history of the American Revolution and the Founding of the United States, and has published numerous articles and book chapters on topics related to the great problems of the Revolutionary Age.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • A brief history of Washington’s early days. Washington’s father died when he was just 11 years old and because he his mother had two other sons at the time — Lawrence and Augustine — there wasn’t enough money to send him to school in Europe. How do you think that impacted him?
  • About Washington’s character. For instance, Martha’s first husband, Daniel Custis died after they had been married for just seven years. She had four children with him, but only 2 lived — Martha (Patsy) and John (Jacky). Was George Washington a good father to them? And what kind of husband was he?
  • Insight into Washington’s leadership skills. In addition to being a visionary who believed in the ideal of true independence, some of the systems he put into place that are still in existence today.
  • The facts behind Washington’s reputation as an incredibly honest man. The fable of chopping down the cherry tree may be false (was it?); can you give us examples of how he communicated unwavering ethical tenets to his officers, troops, and then later when he was president?
  • The shocking truth about Washington’s masterful spy skills. Doug tells us about the secret Culper Ring, and the special invisible ink (invented by British doctor John Jay) called Sympathetic Stain.
  • And more!

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Here’s to restoring enthusiasm in American history of kids, and adults, too!

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