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What Will 2015 Bring? Laura Day Helps Us Hone Our Intuition

How can you practically, and easily, harness the power of your intuition? That’s the question we asked internationally-renown intuitive guide Laura Day, author of seven books on the topic, including “Practical Intuition,” and her latest, “How to Rule the World from your Couch.”

To fully embrace all that is coming to you in 2015, Day offers 15 do’s and don’ts to help you tweak your intuition.

In this podcast interview you’ll learn:

  • The importance of having a goal. “The key to harnessing your intuition is to have a goal or a target about what you are trying to get information about,” says Day. “Then, when you get that “out of the blue” direct information, you know where to direct it — and how to interpret it.”
  • Not worrying about getting information you can’t do anything about. “If a bolt of lightening is going to strike you in three minutes, and you aren’t going to have time to move, intuition is not going to let you know that,” Day explains. “But it will let you know it’s coming if you do have time to move. Intuitive impressions are usually actionable. The reason this is important is because people confuse intuition with their fears or their hopes.”
  • * The value of keeping an intuition journal.* Day shares: “Two weeks before 9/11, I participated in a telepathy forum and everyone in the class kept seeing visual images of planes crashing into buildings. But the two days before 9/11, my colleagues weren’t reporting anything like that. We all tracked what we were seeing, and after the tragic event, I was reminded that one of the wonderful things about keeping a running dialogue in an intuition journal will help you predict things far in advance — but sometimes you can’t do anything about them.”

That’s just for starters.

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And click here to read more of Day’s insights in the January 2015 issue of Be Inkandescent magazine.

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