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March 3episode

"Bodacious" Author Mary Foley on Life After AOL, Women as Leaders, and Turning 50

Truly Amazing Woman Mary Foley believes that energizing careers and events don’t just happen — they are engineered.

She has combined her engineering education, her passion for inspiring professional women, and her two decades of live program experience to help women invigorate their careers and help meeting planners power up the live events and communities that professional women crave.

Known for her uncommon insights, candor, and humor, Foley is an author, featured blogger on, video maven, lively presenter, engaging facilitator, and event engineer — and she refuses to wear a pocket protector!

Foley explains: “I began sharing career advice after my 10-year career at AOL — when AOL was cool — where I started as an $8-an-hour customer service rep and rose to become the company’s first head of corporate training,” she says. “In a surprising turn of events, I have since appeared on the cover of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine and been spoofed on the E! Entertainment TV Show, “The Soup.”

On today’s Truly Amazing Women Show, we are going to play 10 questions with Mary:

1. Why do you love what you do?
2. What part of your business are you most passionate about?
3. What aspect of your career tested you the most?
4. What was the major crossroads in your career? How did you handle it?
5. Looking back, what advice would you have for your 25-year-old self?
6. What do you love most about being a woman in the business world?
7. What do you hate about being a woman in the business world — and what would you change if you could?
8. What’s your top leadership lesson for other women?
9. Do you live by that lesson?
10. You are clearly at the top of your career — what have you not yet accomplished?

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And Happy Birthday to Mary (Feb. 2015)! Click here to read Mary’s 50 thoughts on turning 50!

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