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March 1episode

Truly Amazing Women: What Makes Your Mom Truly Amazing?

In celebration of International Women’s Month (March 2015), the Millennials at interviewed their moms about what makes them truly amazing.

“After all, we know these women are truly amazing,” says Millennials Radio Show Host Eurah Lee. “But what impresses them?”

As it turned out, while our mothers come from different countries, and today live in different parts of the world, they had similar thoughts on what it means to be truly amazing — and what they want for their children as they grow into Truly Amazing Women (and men) themselves.

In this interview you’ll hear from:

  • Eurah’s mom, Billie Kim
  • Jonathan Nichols and his mom Bonnie Nichols
  • and recent college graduate Juliana Rodriguez, who is now the assistant editor at InkandescentPR — with her mom, Maria Rodriguez (pictured right)

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