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Millennials On Money: Are You Planning Ahead for the Future?

“Millennials and money. The words flow right out of my mouth just like my money flows out of my bank account,” shares Millennials Radio Show Host Eurah Lee. “You’d think that the assistance of banking applications on our smart phones that me and my fellow 20somethings would be better able to keep us abreast of our cash flow and finances.”

But the sad reality, she admits, is that many of us have yet to learn the value of saving money. We do know that we have to learn about it — and now is a good a time as any to take control of our financial futures.

That’s why Eurah and Juliana Rodriguez, her fellow Inkandescent Intern, decided it was time to get some advice about this important area of our lives.

In addition to all the dozens of articles about managing money in the April 2015 Tax Issue of Be Inkandescent magazine, the group wanted to talk to someone their age who seems to have a handle on money management.

So they invited Alberto Francese, a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University, to star in this month’s episode of the Millennials Radio Show.
An upcoming graduate from the finance program at Virginia Commonwealth University, who since November has had a job (with Liberty Mutual Insurance, where he was an intern). For the last year, he has also been the president of Gamma Iota Sigma, the academic fraternity for risk management and actuarial science at VCU.

Eurah and Juliana asked Alberto:

  • Why aren’t more Millennials money-savvy?
  • Do we really need to consider creating retirement plans at our age?
  • What in the world is a Roth IRA?
  • And what about paying off our college loans? How long will that really take?
  • What else did Alberto suggest?

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