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If you are a self-published author, you'll want to meet IPPY's Jim Barnes

Jim Barnes is a book editor and director of the IPPY Awards (shorthand for the Independent Publisher Book Awards) — which, for nearly two decades, have rewarded the creativity and innovation of independent authors and publishers who are “changing the face of publishing around the world.”

With more than 75 subject categories, regional awards for eight US and two Canadian regions, and a spectacular awards ceremony in New York on the eve of BookExpo America, the IPPY Awards are one of the most effective — and affordable — marketing tools available to authors and publishers today.

“In addition to getting a cool medal to wear, and a shiny sticker for your book cover, independent authors gain tremendous credibility for being an award-winning author,” says Barnes (shown here).

Just as the judging for the 2015 awards got underway, we took the opportunity to interview Barnes for “Authors Between the Covers,” on the Inkandescent Radio Network.

We asked him:

  • Tell us about the upcoming IPPY Awards. What are they, who can enter the contest, and what do you get if you win?
  • You started working with the Jenkins Group more than 15 years ago. Tell us about your career. Have you authored any books?
  • Let’s talk more about independent book publishing. It is an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, my company InkandescentPR, last year launched our first two books under our newest service, the Inkandescent Publishing Company — including my book, “PR Rules: The Playbook,” which came out in August 2014. Why are so many people publishing their own books?
  • What is the downside to self-publishing?
  • What is the biggest upside?
  • Are traditional publishers responding? Or do they feel they can keep doing business as usual?
  • I love that your end your bio with, “Stay tuned, and stay independent!” In your opinion, what’s the biggest opportunity for writers when it comes to being an independent in the publishing industry?

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