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Have you established an estate plan?

Are your estate planning documents accomplishing your estate planning goals?

And did you know that even if you have not yet established your estate documents, you already have an estate plan?

For so many people, this topic is the “big elephant in the room” and is challenging for most of us.

But if you own any assets — regardless of how much you have — you have an estate, insists Financial Adviser Carmen Wu of Egan, Berger & Weiner LLC based in Tyson’s Corner, VA.

On today’s episode of the Finance Rules Radio Show, Wu is going to break down the process to make it easier to eat the elephant — bite by bite.

  • Step 1: Accept the emotional piece. What do you mean by that?
  • Step 2: Know why creating an estate plan is essential.
  • Step 3: Educate yourself, and get started.
  • Step 4: Explore your long-term financial goals.
  • Step 5: Perhaps most importantly, build a team.

Learn more about each of the steps! Download the podcast now.

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