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June 3episode

Ivan Schwartz is Sculpting History

American sculptor, painter, and inventor Ivan Schwartz says he has always been interested in what lies in his peripheral vision — exploring the shorthand of visual language as a storyteller.

That ambition is clearly what draws us to his work, which is on public display around the country — including at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, Lincoln’s Cottage at Soldier’s Home, the United States Constitution National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, and the New York Historical Society, in addition to dozens more.

Grateful American™ TV co-hosts David Bruce Smith and Hope Katz Gibbs met up with Ivan at his EIS Studio in Brooklyn, NY where there is a lot of sculpting going on!

In this podcast interview we ask Ivan:

  • David Bruce Smith: How did you get your first commission?
  • Hope Katz Gibbs: You have crafted many sculptors of famous historical figures and scenes. Tell us about your studio.
  • David Bruce Smith: How did you get involved in creating the bronze sculptures for some of the nation’s most noted historic sites?
  • Hope Katz Gibbs: Do you have a favorite piece? If so, which one and why?
  • David Bruce Smith: You also have created many sculptures of sports figures. Tell us about that genre.
  • Hope Katz Gibbs: How long does it take to create one of these amazing sculptures?
  • David Bruce Smith: What is the hardest part about what you do? Is there anything you don’t like about the process? If so, what is it? And how do you cope with the frustration?
  • Hope Katz Gibbs: Your business includes several of your family members, your brother Elliot (who is StudioEIS’ President, pictured right from an article that appeared in the New York Times) and sister Debra Schwartz (the studio’s Production Manager). It seems that a passion and talent for art runs in the family. What inspired you all to find careers in this profession? And is it tough to work with family members?
  • David Bruce Smith: For those who aspire to have a career as a sculptor, what do you advise?
  • Hope Katz Gibbs: Now that you have accomplished so much in your career — what lies ahead?

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Here’s to restoring enthusiasm in American history.

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