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Futurist Andy Hines Forecasts What the Workforce Will Look Like in 2020

According to Dr. Andy Hines, (pictured right) several early signs indicate trends that could result in dramatic changes in the future of the workplace — and in the concept of work, in general.

He’s a futurist and professor at the University of Houston who heads up the country’s largest foresight program, and one of his areas of expertise is the workforce, and changes in how people are working — and will be working — in the coming years. How can you prepare for what’s on the horizon?

That’s what you’ll find out today on the Future In Focus Radio Show when your host, and the CEO of Future in Focus — Michael Vidikan (pictured below) — interviews Andy.

In this podcast Mike asks Andy:

  • Let’s jump right in and talk about what you see happening 5, 10, and even 25 years into the future in terms of the workforce. What are the kinds of demographic changes companies should be paying attention to?
  • What do you think are the most important changes companies continue to ignore?
  • We’ve seen a lot of growth in co-working spaces around the country, what do you think is fueling that growth? Is the traditional office is being replaced by a new format? What’s the biggest change in how work spaces are being configured?
  • When it comes to workplace technology, which emerging technology’s do you think will have the most impact on work? How and why?

  • What are the biggest structural changes you’re seeing in org structure? Are you seeing the emergence of any new business models?
  • From a professional development perspective, what types of skills do you think will be in high demand over the next decade?
  • What does the future of employee training and education programs look like (gamification, adaptive learning, virtual training)?
  • Do you think strategic foresight is a critical skill and should it be a required course?

Download or Stream the Podcast now! And click here to read the cover story in the July issue of Future in Focus magazine: FutureInFocus.com.

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