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Embrace the Race: Richmond 2015

What would you do if an international bike race — scheduled to bring 1,000 top cycling athletes and 450,000 people — was about to descend on your city? If you are an entrepreneur, odds are good you would find a way to put yourself, and your business, in the middle of the action.

That’s exactly what BJ Kocen and Tammy Rostov decided to do when the two Richmond retailers founded West Main Village, a community of 35 restaurants, galleries, retail shops and small businesses that will close down a three-block area in front of their shops and host an array of events during the UCI 2015 Bicycle Race, September 19-27.

So we sat down for a podcast interview with these two enterprising entrepreneurs!

You’ll learn:

  • The plan for West Main Village during Richmond2015
  • The challenges the organization has faced
  • Expectations for the Sept. 19-27 event
  • Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to tackle such a big project

Download the podcast now!

For more on Richmond2015, and the businesses that stand to make a mint during the big bike race, be sure to check out the September 2015 issue of

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