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September 1episode

The Future of Health Care: Futurist Mike Vidikan Tells "Speak Up and Stay Alive" author Pat Rullo

What will health care look like in 2020, and beyond? That’s the topic futurist Michael Vidikan discusses with Pat Rullo, author of Speak Up and Stay Alive.

In this podcast interview, Pat asks Michael:

1. First, let’s cut right to the chase — what do you see as the future of Health Care in the US?

2. Is the situation different abroad — say in countries that have socialized medicine?

3. How do you forecast Obamacare will change — especially with next president and a new Congress?

4. What do you see coming that might surprise us?

5. What are some possible game changers?

6. What do you think the state of health care will be in 10 years, and 20?

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Part Rullo is an author, radio show host, and insurance industry expert who has served on the advisory boards of New York Life Insurance Company and Transamerica Life Insurance Company. Author of numerous business magazine articles, she has also written several books: “Worksite Marketing—A Promise to Deliver,” “Succeed With Style,” and “When Daddy Plays Golf,” in addition to “Speak Up and Stay Alive.” For her own health, Pat makes time for daily contemplation in her pink kayak at her summer home on the Chagrin River in Ohio and does tai chi in the desert at her winter home in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. More here.

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