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Dee Dee Schurman is Teaching Business Owners the Art of Networking with Enterprising Women

The Network of Enterprising Women (NEW) was born in 1988, founded by Shirley Wagner and Debbie Johnston, two professional businesswomen seeking to build a women’s networking group by meeting each month to laugh, network, and build relationships. Soon, they were joined by hundreds of others, and NEW became a nonprofit, with a board of directors and an active philanthropic initiative.

“The main goal of NEW is to assist and encourage women who desire to become established in business, and to promote and foster the exchange of knowledge and understanding of methods for success in establishing and maintaining a business,” says Dee Dee Schurman, the incoming 2015 president.

What does she have planned for the coming year? We find in in this podcast interview!

You’ll learn:

  • The mission and vision of N.E.W.
  • Why this group’s sassy members are having fun — and growing their businesses
  • The programs N.E.W. offers, and how have they been received by members?
  • As incoming president — what are Dee Dee goals for 2015-2016?
  • Dee Dee’s most favorite, and least favorite, aspect of networking

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