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Do you really need life insurance? Ask Dave Beck

Many of us think about insurance as a necessary evil, something that we must have, but don’t really want to spend money on.

  • We have homeowner’s insurance because our mortgage company mandates it.
  • We have auto coverage because the state requires it.
  • Now we have to have health insurance because the Affordable Care Act penalizes us if we don’t.

What about life insurance? You don’t have to have it, so should you? And if so, why? Insurance specialist Dave Beck of Egan, Berger & Weiner LLC is here today to help us think this through.

In this podcast interview, Dave will explain:

1. The good news is that there is a quick way to determine whether or not you need life insurance, right?

2. But life insurance shouldn’t make you worth more dead than alive.

3. Is too little insurance is just as big a problem as too much?

4. What constitutes a need for life insurance?

5. What if we want to buy more insurance than your insurance agent believes is needed?

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