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Have you heard about robo-advisers? Why does Bryan Beatty think they are such a bad idea?

The growth of automated investment-advice platforms called Robo-Advisers is the topic at just about every conference in the financial advising industry in recent months.

But using robo-advisers can be a very bad idea, insists Certified Financial Planner® Bryan Beatty, a partner at the Tyson’s Corner-based financial services firm Egan, Berger & Weiner LLC.

On today’s episode of EBW’s Finance Rules Radio Show, Beatty explains:

1. What are “Robo-Advisors” that folks have been hearing about?

2. How is working with a real face to face advisor different?

3. How much can can planning mistakes cost?

4. I think people understand finances to some degree, can you explain what is meant by behavioral finance?

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