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What should you do when your spouse wants to start a business post-retirement?

Financial advisor Sheldon Weiner and his wife Sharon had to consider a problem that many retirees have had to face.

When Sharon retired a few years ago at age 65 from her corporate job, she was not interested in staying home and becoming a full-time babysitter for her grandchildren. She wanted to continue to work, be of value, and bring in some extra money.

And she wanted to start her own business. But what would the consequences be? Where would she start? And how could Sheldon be supportive and helpful?

On today’s episode of EBW’s Finance Rules Radio Show, Weiner explains:

1) What inspired your wife’s decision to get back into the workforce after retirement?

2) You chose a franchise called Kona Ice? What drew Sharon to this company?

3) What other factors went into the decision for Sharon to start a business?

4) How has it playing out?

5) Would you advise other couples in retirement follow in your footsteps?

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