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March 6episode

Women in Power: Shoshana Grove on Executive Women in Goverment

What does it take to rise to the top ranks in government? That’s the question we asked Executive Women in Government VP Shoshana Grove.

The federal executive began her career as a letter carrier for the postal service in Washington, DC, and worked her way up through the postal ranks to her current position as head of the Office of Secretary & Administration for the Postal Regulatory Commission.

She is responsible for maintaining the records of the Commission, preserving Commission documents, managing the Commission’s library and docket room, and managing HR, among other responsibilities. She also represents the Commission on the Federal CIO Council and Small Agency Council.

In this podcast interview we discuss:

  • Executive Women in Government: It’s mission, members, and long-term goals.
  • How she worked her way up from letter carrier to executive.
  • The accomplishments she has made in improving the role of blue-collar women in government.
  • The influent on her life of her mom, GW English professor Faye Moskowitz, who hosts the popular class, Jewish Literature Live.
  • And her perspective on Women in Power—what head for tomorrow’s women executives in government?

And, for our Tips column this month, we also looped in the organization’s president, Reta Jo Lewis. So click here for her insights into rising to the top. And stay tuned for next week’s podcast interview featuring Grove and Lewis.

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Scroll down for a taste of our Q&A with Grove, below.

Be Inkandescent: Let’s start by talking about Executive Women in Government. Tell us about the organization, who its members are, and what its mission is.

Shoshana Grove: Executive Women in Government (EWG) was founded in 1974 and is an organization of senior women executives who serve in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal government.

The organization advocates for the advancement of women in senior leadership positions in the federal government and provides members an opportunity to become better acquainted with other senior government and corporate women through collective action in public service.

A primary mission is to improve the status of women in the federal government. Currently, only 30 percent of Senior Executive Service jobs are held by women, even though women make up 50 percent of the federal workforce. And, only 19 percent of the 535 people in Congress are women. While that is an improvement over 17 percent in the previous Congress, EWG is also committed to seeing more women on corporate boards.

Be Inkandescent: Do you work at all with the private sector?

Shoshana Grove: Most definitely. Senior government executives are a candidate pool for top corporate jobs, and government is recruiting senior private-sector executives. EWG works closely with top private-sector women executives, and together we form cooperative relationships to effect change.

But consider this statistic: In 2011, women occupied just 16.6 percent of Fortune 500 board seats, according to the 2012 Catalyst Census — even though the data show that companies with the highest average percentage of women directors outperformed companies in the bottom quartile by 26 percent, measured by return on invested capital. So there is plenty of room for us to grow.

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