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Oxford's David Pendleton On "Leadership: All You Need to Know"

David Pendleton is an Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School and of Green Templeton College, Oxford. A Chartered Psychologist, he specializes in leadership, assessing and coaching senior executives and developing their abilities to lead change and create high performance cultures.

He co-directs the Oxford High Performance Leadership Program with Tim Morris, and has made a major contribution to the Oxford Adavanced Management and Leadership Program, including a session on leadership and personality and how—through psychometrics—to assess the potential helping and hindering personality characteristics for leadership.

His most recent book, written with Professor Adrian Furham of UCl, “Leadership: All You Need To Know,” which was published 2011 by Palgrave Macmillan. It highlights the key role played by teams in complementing leaders’ capabilities.

That’s what we talked to the professor about when he was a visiting professor at the George Herbert Walker School of Business Webster University in Washington, DC in March 21, 2013.

In this podcast, Pendleton explains:

  • How his leadership model for the future—which creates the right conditions for people to thrive, individually and collectively, and achieve significant goals—applies to entrepreneurs.
  • His concept of incomplete leadership, and why its tripping up businesses around the globe.
  • Whether he believes that people are born leaders, or is it a skill they can learn? Are some people born to be team players?
  • And his bold belief that—while the 19th century belonged to Europe, and the 20th century belonged to the US—the 21st century belongs to women.

Why will women be the leaders who hold the power?

  • Download our podcast, at right, to find out.
  • To read all about Pendleton’s theories on leadership, buy a copy of his book here.

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