2013 Conscious Capitalism Conference

April 5episode

Cheers to CEO Michael Davis, who is making pure water—one bottle at a time

Michael Davis is the founder and president of US Pure Water Corporation, a mission-driven, privately owned, full-spectrum, water-treatment service company that has been at the forefront of water treatment technology since 1985.

In this podcast interview we learned:

  • Davis’ mission is to provide an ecological and economical alternative to bottled and tap water by providing water treatment at the point of use.
  • USPW has saved The City and County of San Francisco over $1 million by converting their offices from bottled water to bottleless water.
  • USPW has also helped to make bottleless water stations become the desired hydration for events by designing and providing water refill stations for the Monterey Jazz Festival, the Ecofarm Conference, and many other events including, of course, Bioneers.
  • Davis has a California plumbing contractor’s license and has done water treatment/sustainability consultation for many government organizations, corporations, individuals, schools, universities, and businesses.
  • Davis studied yoga with T.K.V. Desikachar in Madras (now known as Chennai) in 1976-77 and 1979-81 and taught private sessions from 1977-1989.
  • Using his BA in Music from Immaculate Heart College, he is a performing and practicing musician. He plays South Indian Classical, Western Classical, jazz, and fusion music on both the western silver flute and the bamboo open-holed flute from South India (the Venu). He shared the stage while playing the South Indian flute with Carlos Nakai and others at the closing ceremony of Bioneers in 2012.

How can you hop on the affordable-clean-water bandwagon?

  • Download our podcast interview at right.
  • Click here to learn more about US Pure Water Corporation.
  • Do you have questions for Michael Davis? Call his office at 800-776-7654.

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