2013 Conscious Capitalism Conference

April 5episode

Is a "green chemical company" a non sequitur? Ask Pantheon CEO Laura Roberts

Laura Roberts wants to change the way the we play with the chemicals that pervade our lives. The CEO of Pantheon Enterprises, Inc., may just change the world.

“Sustain better life,” is the mantra by which this avid environmentalist and elementary school teacher lives her life as a corporate leader.

Indeed, her life was dramatically transformed when her father died unexpectedly in 1997, and she decided to take over running the family business—a small, green, industrial chemical business.

Today, the once-staunch critic of business and capitalism, Roberts has become an exemplary and outspoken Conscious Capitalist who is passionately pursuing Pantheon’s purpose of removing man-made chemicals from the environment—while creating value for all of the company’s stakeholders.

So don’t miss a word of this podcast, where we interviewed Roberts—and her friend and fellow CEO Steve Leveen of Levenger—about the power and importance of Conscious Capitalism:

  • The pair discuss the speech they gave on April 6 at the Conscious Capitalism Conference on, Metrics That Matter.
  • Roberts and Leveen share how the big idea of Conscious Capitalism fits into how they do business—especially in terms of having a higher purpose, and engaging stakeholders at the deepest levels.
  • Roberts also shares her ideas on how she’s planning to make every chemical company—and citizen of the world—aware of the fact that the chemistry that’s made in the lab does make its way into our bodies.
  • And, she gives ideas about how her company is not just talking the talk—but will help consumers make better decisions about the chemicals they unwittingly are buying.
  • Plus, she offers ideas to other firms about how they can incorporate Conscious Capitalist practices into their businesses.
  • What will Roberts be telling her team when she gets back to Pantheon headquarters?

Listen to all of Roberts’ and Leveen’s insights when you download the podcast, at right.

More About Laura Roberts

“Building a substantial business is the best way to make a significant difference,” insists Laura Roberts, co-founder and CEO of Pantheon Chemical, a green manufacturer of industrial chemicals, whose mission is to transform the industrial chemical industry to remove toxic chemicals from the environment.

Co-founder and CEO of Pantheon Enterprises, Roberts is a leading force behind the company’s business development and expansion plan. Since 1999 Roberts directed an extensive reorganization of the company to include: developing its executive management team; protecting its IP; automating its manufacturing operations; and clearly defining its marketing and distribution strategy. Additionally she secured the necessary financing to commercialize the chemical technologies throughout multiple worldwide distribution channels.

A decade later, Pantheon Enterprises has expanded globally and realized tremendous success in several markets with award-winning products. Dubbed “The Toxic Avenger” by Forbes Magazine, Roberts formed Pantheon Enterprises with a fierce commitment to shattering the myth that green technologies are less effective and more expensive. Its mission continues to be to develop and commercialize products that help customers increase financial growth while at the same time sustain human health and safety, social responsibility, and environmental efforts. Roberts’ efforts in driving the corporate mission and vision resulted in Pantheon Enterprises being recognized in 2012 as one of Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies.

Roberts is a summa cum laude graduate of Northern Arizona University. She is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and for two successive years enjoyed the distinction of being the university’s highest-ranking scholar. She is also a graduate of the highly regarded business executive program at MIT Sloan School of Management. She is also a graduate of The Integral Leadership Program at the Stagen Institute.

Roberts is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, a global network of young chief executives with a rigorous selection and application process. She serves on the Advisory Committee for Northern Arizona University’s NAUTeach Program—a program committed to increasing the number and quality of math and science teachers. She is a member of the Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) organization. Roberts serves on the Leadership Council for Pachamama Alliance, an organization committed to sustainability and social justice. She currently holds board positions with CWS, an organization dedicated to disaster relief and refugee assistance, and Beyond Benign, an organization dedicated to revolutionizing the way chemistry is taught to better prepare students. Roberts has previously held board positions with The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, The March of Dimes, the Arizona Business Leadership Group, and the Hospitality Industry Hall of Honors at the University of Houston.

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