Art 101: My Life As An Artist


Sterling Hundley: The Artist As Entrepreneur

American illustrator and painter Sterling Clinton Hundley made his debut as a fine artist in 2009 with a solo art show, entitled “Emergent,” held at the Ghostprint Gallery in Richmond, VA. It featured 104 new works of art.

A 1998 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, he’s currently an Associate Professor in VCU’s Department of Communication Arts, as well as on the faculty of The Art Department, an online art school dedicated to training and preparing artists for today’s professional art world.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How Sterling launched his professional career–while still in college.
  • How he knew he’d grow up to be in article back in kindergarten.
  • The artists who are his biggest influences.
  • What it means to be an entrepreneur in the world of art.
  • And, how he creates a higher purpose for your students, and in your own artwork.

Listen to our podcast interview with Sterling Hundley, by clicking download at right.

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