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In January 2013, the Inkandescent Group LLC launched The Inkandescent Radio Network, a series of lively podcast shows that provide listeners with best practices in small business.

Our first show, which launched in October 2012, is “The Inkandescent Entrepreneur Show,” hosted by journalist, PR expert, author and entrepreneur Hope Katz Gibbs, founder of The Inkandescent Group LLC.

Each Monday, a new episode of her show airs, which features one of the highly accomplished entrepreneurs, business leaders, and columnists that she features in her monthly business magazine, www.BeInkandescent.com.

We are always looking for great guests to interview on the Inkandescent Radio Network, so if you have a good story, a new book, a fantastic business idea, or a novel approach to business, tell us about it here.

Want more information about the Inkandescent Radio Network? Click here to send founder Hope Katz Gibbs an email.

Art 101: Artists on The Real World of Art

Your Host: Illustrator Michael Gibbs hosts this “pay-it-forward” show that features the nation’s top artists, illustrators and graphic designers.

About the show: While being an artist sounds like nirvana to many people, the reality of making a living while staying true to your craft is tricky. Learn how these talented artists traverse the landscape, and stay true to their souls.

Check out our previous interviews in Be Inkandescent magazine’s column, Fine Artists.

And click here to learn more about the show’s host, Illustrator and Designer Michael Gibbs.

Tune in every Wednesday, for another episode of “Art 101.”

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Authors Between the Covers: The ABCs of What Makes Writers Tick

Your Host: Journalist Hope Katz Gibbs

About the show: In “Authors Between The Covers,” we get the skinny from the professional writers who have made their dreams come true of publishing their books. Is it the fantasy they hoped it would be? For some, yes. For others, the reality of book publishing is an eye-opener that can be downright depressing. Always, it’s fascinating to hear their stories. Don’t miss it!

Learn more: To read about the dozens of authors we’ve profiled in BeInkandescent magazine, check out our Books of the Month.

Tune in every Thursday, for another episode of “Authors Between the Covers.”

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Dishing It: From Soup to Nuts

Your Host: On this show we’re paying it forward! Each chef, restauranteur, and hotelier will choose their favorite colleague, who will host the next show.

About the show: Get inside the kitchens, board rooms, and heart of the nation’s top foodies. What makes one restaurant succeed, and another fail? Why is the failure rate of restaurants so high? And what about the hotels we love to stay in? What makes them work, what challenges to they face? And why are we so willing to fork over a week’s salary for a night in some of these posh places? All this and more will be discussed by the people who behind the scenes.

For a sneak peak, check out our reviews on Be Inkandescent magazine: Food, Hotels, Restaurants, and Fun.

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Future In Focus Radio Show

What will your business, life, and the world look like in 5, 10, 25 years from now? If you want to glimpse tomorrow, you’ll love this radio show hosted by futurist Michael Vidikan. His firm, FutureinFocus.com, helps companies see years or even decades into the future to make better long-term decisions today. With more than 1,400 research studies in his vault, subscribers have access to deep dives into topics ranging from the future of fatherhood to the future of gamification, the Slow Food Movement, Asia, Africa, changing technology trends, and hundreds more topics. Don’t miss single episode!

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Grateful American™ Radio — Restoring enthusiasm in American history for kids, and grown-ups, too!

David Bruce Smith Publications presents The Grateful American™ Series — an interactive, multi-media program designed to restore enthusiasm in American history for children.

The Series will include:

  • Radio Show and TV series: Interviews about historical figures (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc.) with the chief executives of the nation’s presidential homes, historians, and other experts.
  • Grateful American™ Guidebooks: Featuring the nation’s most beloved presidential homes.
  • Events: Dovetailing / promoting events-in-progress at the Homes.
  • Website: Kids will post art, photos, writing, music, and comments.

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Inkandescent Entrepreneur Show: What's your story?

Your Host: Hope Katz Gibbs—a journalist, PR expert, author and the entrepreneur, who founded The Inkandescent Group, LLC.

About the Show: Bringing the voices of small-business owners to the radio waves is the goal of The Inkandescent Entrepreneur Show, which launched in the fall of 2012. In each episode, Hope interviews the leaders who have built million dollar businesses, sold their companies to the Fortune 500, or took a tiny idea and turned it into a social enterprise that is impacting the masses.

So, what’s your story? If you’d like to be interviewed on The Inkandescent Entrepreneur Show, www.inkandescentradio.com, send Hope Katz Gibbs an email: hope@inkandescentpr.com.

Tune in every Monday, for another episode of The Inkandescent Entrepreneur Show.

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Intuition Rules Radio Show: New Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Knowing

How can more people use their intuition to help guide their choices in business, and in life? In this podcast radio show, host and author Hope Katz Gibbs interviews intuitive and guides, meditation experts, as well as writers, artists, business leaders, and others who have used their intuition to help them achieve professional and personal success. Here’s to letting your inner wisdom guide you!

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Millennials Radio Show

Hello and welcome to the Millennials Radio Show — a monthly podcast that shines a light on what 20somethings think, feel, and dream about.

Your host is Eurah Lee, a 20-year-old Korean-American who grew up in Northern Virginia, lived in Spain, traveled through China, climbed mountains in Nepal — and am now a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

“My eyes and ears are open — and I hope yours are, too. For kids of my generation have a lot to say,” she says. “Please let me know what you want to hear. Send me an email at Eurah@InkandescentRadio.com. I’ll talk to you soon!”

Millennials Rule!

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The Parent Diaries: How To Help Your Child Succeed In School — without going insane

Your Host: Kathleen McCarthy, mom of three teenage daughters, and Parenting columnist on Be Inkandescent magazine

About the show: What does it take to be a great parent? How can you help your child succeed — in school, and in life? On this show, veteran parent Kathleen McCarthy interviews parenting experts, educators, and parents who have been through the trenches to guide their children through challenges, accomplishments, and the love that comes from caring for their most precious gift.

Click here to learn more.

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The Truly Amazing Women™ Radio Show

Your Host: Journalist Hope Katz Gibbs

About the show: In “The Truly Amazing Women Show,” we take you inside the lives and careers of the women who are making strides and changing lives. Having profiled more than 200 women for her book on the website, www.TrulyAmazingWomen.com,, journalist Hope Gibbs brings their voices to the air waves in these interesting podcast interviews.

Tune in every Tuesday, for another episode of “The Truly Amazing Women Show.”

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Special Report: 2013 Professional BusinessWomen of CA Conference

The Inkandescent Radio Network is proud to have been invited to cover the Professional BusinessWomen of California Conference 2013 at the Mascone Center in San Francisco on May 23.

The premier conference for women in business brings together inspiring speakers, interactive learning, and purposeful networking to create powerful experiences that unlock the full potential of women in the workplace.

We had the opportunity to interview the leaders of this giant organization that is 25,000 women strong—and also feature the speakers including Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg, Governor of Michigan (2003-2011) Jennifer Granholm, and acclaimed singer, dancer, and actress Rita Moreno.

That was just the beginning!

  • Click here to learn about their star-studded line-up of Speakers.
  • And tune back into this Special Report for insights from the women who are reshaping the future of workplace equity.

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Special Report: Conscious Capitalism Conference 2013

The Inkandescent Radio Network is proud to have been invited to cover the Conscious Capitalism Conference 2013 in San Francisco, April 5-6.

We had the opportunity to interview the leaders of the Conscious Capitalism movement, headed by chairman Raj Sisodia—a marketing professor and co-author of the 2013 book, “Conscious Capitalism,” co-authored by Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey.

What is conscious capitalism, and which companies and organizations have jumped on the bandwagon?

  • To learn more, click here to listen to our podcast interview with Raj Sisodia.
  • And tune back into this Special Report for insights from the conscious capitalists who are changing the way America does business!

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