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September 21 2022

Money Mountaineering with Peter Neuwirth
Money Mountaineering with Peter Neuwirth
Let's Go Money Mountaineering with Actuary and Author Peter Neuwirth: Welcome to Pete's Podcast!

September 2022: A Note from Hope Katz Gibbs, producer, Inkandescent Radio Hello and welcome to our first episode of a new show on the Inkandescent Radio network — Money Mountaineering with actuary Peter Neuwirth, FSA, FCA — entitled What’s Your Future Worth? I’m Hope Katz Gibbs, producer of the podcast network, and I am thrilled to be here today with Pete!

About Pete: After graduating from Harvard College in 1979 with a degree in Mathematics and Linguistics, Pete went to work at Connecticut General Life Insurance (now CIGNA), and for the next 38 years, he worked continuously as an actuary holding significant leadership positions at a variety of firms around the country, including most of the major consulting firms (Aon, Hewitt Associates, Watson Wyatt, Towers Perrin and finally Towers Watson) as well as spending 5 years as a chief actuary at a regional benefits consulting firm (Godwins), 7 years running a small actuarial firm (Coates Kenney) and one year in a large accounting firm (Price Waterhouse).

At the end of 2016, Pete retired from Towers Watson to focus on writing and researching financial wellness issues. He had been focusing on financial wellness in earnest, and in 2015 Berrett-Kohler published his book “What’s Your Future Worth?” In the years since he has been blogging about how the principles of Holistic Financial Wellness can be utilized to weather the economic crisis that has befallen us. And that led to his next book, “Money Mountaineering.”

In today’s episode, you will learn: 

  • Why Pete wrote his first book, “What’s Your Future Worth?”
  • What inspired him to follow up with “Money Mountaineering”
  • How his days at Harvard inspired him to become an actuary
  • How he was influenced by his father, Lee Neuwirth, a mathematician at Princeton
  • How the 2020 fires in California changed his life, and what he learned from “losing everything”
  • You’ll also learn about Pete’s research with colleague Barry Sacks and his brother Stephen, and the paper published by the Conference of Consulting Actuaries entitled, “Retirement Planning: Generating Lifetime Income Leaving a Legacy and the Components of Net Worth Throughout Retirement Published by the Conference of Consulting Actuaries”
  • And, you’ll discover the power of Reverse Mortgages, and what Pete, Barry, and their colleague Mary Jo Lafaye are doing to educate more seniors about how to thrive in retirement

Don’t miss this episode, and stay tuned for the October show when Pete will interview Barry H. Sacks Ph.D. JD Reverse Mortgage/Retirement Portfolio Longevity Expert. Click here to learn more.

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Since graduating from Harvard with a degree in mathematics and linguistics in 1979, Peter Neuwirth has held actuary leadership positions at consulting firms including Aon, Hewitt Associates, Watson Wyatt Towers, Perrin, and Towers Watson. He also ran the actuarial firm Coates Kenney and spent a year at Price Waterhouse.

Currently a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, Pete regularly consults with the largest corporations in the world about their retirement plans with a focus on time risk and money.

“These fundamental concepts shape our world,” explains Pete, a sought-after speaker for professional conferences and frequently quoted in national mainstream and trade publications.

After being asked too many times: “What is an actuary, exactly?” Pete has written two books to answer another question: “How does an actuary think, and why does it matter?”

His first book, What’s Your Future Worth, is an accessible step-by-step guide to using the powerful concept of Present Value. Pete explains, “My goal is to help readers determine the value today of something that might happen in the future and evaluate outcomes that might arise from choosing one path instead of another.”

In his newest book, Money Mountaineering, Pete shares his views on the challenges we face to survive and thrive in a complex, uncertain, noisy and sometimes irrational wilderness. “I hope to help readers better understand the financial world they must live in and what they must do to make their way through it,” Pete shares.

Pete is also a senior consulting actuary for CapAcuity, a member of the University of Illinois Academy for Home Equity in Financial Planning, and the outside director at Rael & Letson. He is a longtime resident of Northern CA. Learn more at

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Money Mountaineering with Actuary Peter Neuwirth
Money Mountaineering with Actuary Peter Neuwirth
Episode 49: Margaritas with Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro — Meet Peter Neuwirth, author of Money Mountaineering and What’s Your Future Worth