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Welcome to the Inkandescent Radio Network: The Voice of Entrepreneurs

Bringing the voices of small-business owners to the radio waves is the goal of this radio network, which is for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

In addition to being a great place to learn about best practices in small business, the Inkandescent Radio Network is not only a great place to raise your voice as an entrepreneur—it’s the perfect way to share your thoughts and stories by being a guest on one of our shows.

Are you ready to get even more visibility for your business?

  • Be Our Guest: What’s your story? We are always looking for great guests to interview on the Inkandescent Radio Network. If you have a good story, a new book, or a novel approach to business, share your idea.
  • Host Your Own Show: Podcasting can be a great way to spread the word about your expertise and business. It not only helps get the word out about what you are doing that differentiates your firm in the marketplace—podcasts create searchable content where new clients can find you. Plus, podcasts give you a new way to showcase your brand. Are you ready to raise your voice? We’ll provide you with information about the logistics of the Inkandescent Radio Network.
  • Create an Inkandescent Radio Show of Your Next Keynote, Workshop, or Conference: If you want to get more visibility about your next keynote, workshop, or conference, the Inkandescent Radio team is available to create a special podcast show to air on your website, as well as the Inkandescent Radio Network, and also to promote it through our PR and marketing services on InkandescentPR.com.
  • Book the Inkandescent Conference Team as your Media Partner. As your media sponsors, we’ll help your conference live on forever by creating a Special Report on the Inkandescent Radio Network—as well as bringing in our videographers, photographers, and reporters to cover the event as it’s happening. We’ll also build you an Inkandescent Website to post all the information. Your attendees can access all the information for the cost of their ticket, and those who weren’t able to attend the conference can see all the action by simply buying access at a discounted rate. It’s a win-win-win! Your conference lives on, you continue to generate revenue, and more people get to see the great event that your organization produced! Send us an email for more information.
  • Book the Entrepreneurial Rock Stars on InkandescentSpeakers.com: Do you want to rock your next keynotes, workshops, seminars, and webinars? Pull back the curtain, and meet the experienced Inkandescent Speakers, who are some of the country’s most knowledgeable business experts, been-there-done-that entrepreneurs, corporate and government leaders, veteran educators, and visionary futurists. To meet our speakers, find out about the topics they speak about, and learn about their upcoming speaking gigs, check out InkandescentSpeakers.com.
    Podcasts are downright fun—to create, and to listen to!

It’s not only good for your business to spread the word about the work you are doing, it’s good for your health.

According to wellness coach Elizabeth Scott, author of “8 Keys to Stress Management:

“It’s important to your stress level and your happiness quotient that you have at least one activity that you do regularly just for fun. Hobbies and other fun activities provide a fun way to sharpen skills, express your creativity, or just blow off steam. Also, when you get really engrossed in an activity you enjoy, you can experience a state of being know as flow, in which your brain is in a near-meditative state, which has benefits for your for your body, mind and soul.”

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