Authors Between the Covers: What It Takes to Write Your Heart Out

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August 12 2022

Authors Between the Covers: What It Takes to Write Your Heart Out
Authors Between the Covers: What It Takes to Write Your Heart Out
Today on Authors Between the Covers: Meet award-winning teacher and author Phillip Done and learn about his new book, "The Art of Teaching Children"

A Note from Hope Katz Gibbs, founder, Hello and welcome to this month’s episode of the Authors Between the Covers show on the Inkandescent Radio Network. I’m Hope Katz Gibbs, host of the show and creator of the Inkandescent PR + Publishing Co., thrilled to be here with the amazing award-winning teacher and author Phillip Done!

Phil is coming to us from Budapest, Hungary, and I know that you will enjoy today’s podcast interview, where he’ll share insights into his international travels and new book, The Art of Teaching Children, on sale July 26, 2022.

First, I must tell the audience that I have been a huge fan of Phil’s since he published 32 First Graders and One Class Bunny. My kids were in elementary school then, and I was the communications director of the City of Fairfax Schools in Northern VA. I remember reading the book in one sitting – laughing hysterically and alternatively crying at his poignant essays. 

Today, we talk about that book, his career, Phil’s well-deserved awards, and most importantly, his newest title, The Art of Teaching Children.

You’ll learn:

About The Art of Teaching Children: An essential guide for teachers and parents that’s destined to become a classic, The Art of Teaching Children is one of those rare and masterful books that not only defines a craft but offers a magical reading experience. Read More

Your Host: Journalist, author, and wine appreciator Hope Katz Gibbs

About the show: In “Authors Between The Covers,” we get the skinny from the professional writers who have made their dreams come true of publishing their books. Is it the fantasy they hoped it would be? For some, yes. For others, the reality of book publishing is an eye-opener that can be downright depressing. Always, it’s fascinating to hear their stories. Don’t miss it!

Learn more: To read about the dozens of authors we’ve profiled in BeInkandescent magazine, check out our Books of the Month.

Tune in every Thursday, for another episode of “Authors Between the Covers.”

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