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July 4 2022

Soul Action Radio Show
Soul Action Radio Show
July 2022: This month on the Truly Amazing Women Show take a guided meditation with Psychotherapist Silvia Stenitzer, host, the Soul Action Podcast

Today on the Inkandescent Radio Network: Truly Amazing Women Show

Our guest: Silvia Stenitzer

Our topic: Take a guided meditation vacation with Silvia on her new Inkandescent Radio show, 

A Note from Hope Katz Gibbs, founder and producer, Inkandescent Radio: Welcome to the Truly Amazing Women radio show! I’m Hope Katz Gibbs, your host and founder of Inkandescent Inc®, the PR firm and publishing company dedicated to helping women-owned businesses glow and grow! 

I know you are going to love today’s exceptional guest, Psychotherapist Silvia Stenitzer. This summer, she will be launching her own podcast on Inkandescent Radio, the Soul Action Show. It will include amazing, guided meditations that will open your heart and engage your mind, body, spirit, and soul. 

I have had the honor of experiencing these meditations since arriving in Santa Fe, NM, last summer. Thanks to Silvia, I have found more profound inner peace and clarity. She is a gift to everyone she touches. I know you will enjoy meeting her today! Welcome to the Truly Amazing Women show, Silvia! 

Silvia: Hello, Hope! I’m so happy to be here with you! 

 Hope: Without further ado, let’s get started with our 8 Inkandescent questions for this truly amazing woman! You started your career as a massage therapist before starting your current work as a psychotherapist. Look back at the last few decades and tell us about your path.

Silvia: My path was to follow my heart and soul, which meant to break with family tradition. To not submit to my parents’ expectation of taking over the family business in Austria has been one of my most painful and most rewarding tasks in my life. Coming to Santa Fe has saved my life. I found my tribe here: seekers, alternative healing arts, art and the incredible beauty of New Mexico.

Hope: I have had the privilege of experiencing some of the areas that you specialize in, including art therapy and psychodrama therapy. Can you tell our audience more about those programs? Read More

Your Host: Journalist, author and publisher Hope Katz Gibbs

About the show: In “The Truly Amazing Women Show,” we take you inside the lives and careers of the women who are making strides and changing lives. Having profiled hundreds of women, journalist Hope and her collaborator Cynthia de Lorenzi brings their voices to the airwaves in these fascinating monthly podcast interviews.

Learn more: Meet more women and discover their stories at Inkandescent Women magazine.

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