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The Inkandescent® Radio Network: The Voice of Entrepreneurs

Bringing the wisdom of small-business owners to the radio waves is the goal of The Inkandescent Radio Network, which launched in January 2013. Created by journalist, publicist, author, and entrepreneur Hope Katz Gibbs, the network features a series of business-focused radio shows that provide inspiration, motivation, and education about best practices in small business.

The Shows: The Inkandescent Radio Shows shine feature business and thought leaders, industry experts, futurists, authors, artists, chefs, and more. Throughout 2013, the company will be spinning these industry-focused interviews off into radio shows of their own, including “The Parent Diaries,” a show focused on best practices in parenting, hosted by Be Inkandescent magazine’s Parenting columnist Kathleen McCarthy — and “From Soup to Nuts,” which will the nation’s top entrepreneurial chefs, restaurateurs, chefs, foodies, and hoteliers. Learn more about the upcoming shows here.

The Mission: Promoting, educating, and inspiring entrepreneurs is the mission of Inkandescent Inc., a PR, marketing, publishing, website, and design company that helps small businesses get the visibility they need to glow so they can grow.

Are you ready to raise your voice? If you’d like to be interviewed on The Inkandescent Radio Show, or if you’d like to host your own show — send Hope Katz Gibbs an email. And be sure to listen regularly to our new episodes for insight into best practices in small businesses. Grab a cup of coffee, and sit back and enjoy!

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About the Inkandescent® Team

Hope Katz Gibbs is the founder of Inkandescent® Inc. — a PR + Publishing Co., which she launched in 2008. Hope and her team have represented hundreds of entrepreneurs, mostly women, using the 8 Steps to PR Success™ model she explained in her 2014 book, PR Rules: The Playbook – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Supersize your Small Business. From creating a stunning website (with the help of designer Michael Glenwood Gibbs and website developer Max Kukoy, who you will meet below), the Inkandescent team also creates powerful podcasts for InkandescentRadio.com (thanks to the dedication of producer Brandi Wilsker who removes every hiccup from the audio track), and educational videos published on Inkandescent.tv (with the skill of producer Nelson Benavides, founder of Beloved-Visuals.com). The company also publishes two monthly magazines: InkandescentWomen.com and BeInkandescent.com, a health and wellness magazine that shines a light on the business of Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, and Heart. Click here to learn more about Hope’s work as a journalist for The Washington Post, USA Today, Costco, the National Press Club, and more. To contact Hope, send an email.

Brandi Wilsker is the executive producer of the Inkandescent Radio Network. A digital design professional with more than two decades of marketing and graphic design experience, Brandi says: “I enjoy being at the epicenter of color, creativity, the written word, and helping radio shows spring to life.” An artist at heart, she has written about art and paper crafting for the Philadelphia Examiner, and designed and implemented a popular art program for a summer camp in Pennsylvania that worked with more than 300 children. Tired of shoveling snow, this Philadelphia native now resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Nelson Benavides has been the video producer of Inkandescent.tv since 2014. Born and raised in Springfield, VA, he is a graduate of the kinetic imaging program at Virginia Commonwealth University, the #1 public arts school in the country. Based in Richmond, VA, Nelson has produced hundreds of videos for Inkandescent™ Inc., ranging from a series of Kids’ Cooking Classes that has more than 80,000 views, to a show about Alexander Hamilton with nearly 35,000 views, and a ditty called Happy Feet featuring Irish dancers from the 60-city tour Rockin’ Road to Dublin. Nelson also creates videos for the company’s monthly shows: Truly Amazing Women TV and BeInkandescent Health & Wellness TV. Click here to watch his Sizzle Reel!


Max Kukoy is Inkandescent Inc.’s web guru. A Washington, DC-based freelance developer/designer since 2000, Max earned his master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Oklahoma in 1993. He then started working in public health and environmental policy at nonprofits in Washington, DC. After a few years of policy work, he started working on his organization’s website. Max has been the chief website developer since first working with Hope Katz Gibbs in 2006 to launch her first website, www.HopeGibbs.com. Click here to learn more about Max.

Michael Gibbs is the vice president and art director of Inkandescent Inc. He designs the company’s websites and promotional materials and also creates illustrations for our business magazine, BeInkandescent.com. A freelance illustrator and designer since attending Pratt Institute as a photography and illustration major in the mid-70s, his award-winning artwork has appeared in Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Worth Magazine, Consumer Reports, Harvard Business Review, and publications for United Airlines, Verizon, IBM, Sears, American Airlines, CitiGroup, and Oracle. Learn more about Michael here.